Not Far Right, Just Right

If you felt dismay reading my recent article, “Syria Pullout Explained,” I suggest your discomfort arose from the shock of finally reading the truth after being woefully disinformed by previous presidential administrations, in partnership with MSM.  In that article, I retraced verifiable history to 1999, documenting facts which show candidate Donald Trump was indeed correct when he expressed, “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton unleashed ISIS on the world.”  Now if that shocked you, I’m sorry; but you need to get your head out of the sand and see what is happening in this world.  Your shock reflects a natural reaction to learning that many things you have been told, perhaps your entire life, and which you counted on, are not true.  And worse than discovering falsehood is discovering what is true is so horrendous.

Now one of the reasons I write these articles is simply as a service to the community and anyone else who finds and shares them online.  That service is the preparing of minds to accept harsh truth, which is coming.  It is astonishing to find people so comfortable with proposed false narratives they have heard virtually forever, and who as a result cannot accept real truth when presented.  And, frankly, that is the power of brainwashing.  Oh, you can’t be brainwashed?  Please, do not pretend that you cannot be fooled.  Manipulating public opinion is a science, friends.  And you are a target and so am I.  The only difference between us is that maybe I realize it.

Just this morning, while readying for the day, I was listening to WSB radio.  Scott Slade came on to claim, “Legal authorities say President Trump has no power to declare a national emergency to build the wall.”  Then he exited to another story.  Most people hearing that headline would never understand they were just slimed with propaganda.  Slade was reading from a script, likely the same script being read all across the country.  Its purpose was to bend minds to believe that President Trump is considering committing impeachable offenses beyond his legal and constitutional authority.  Yet you might remember, all was just fine, “legally,” for Barack Obama to send $1.7 billion in cash, all in small bills of various national currencies, on a plane to certain criminal Iranian leaders lying-in-wait in Tehran and no telling where else.  Where were all those “legal authorities” when that happened?  There were none because the real power brokers who have been running this country for decades, did not assign the press to locate any.  If you are dismayed by what I write here, why not with that?  What I bring to your attention is just one example of how you are manipulated each day by what you hear, see and read.  And because I bring this to your attention, that does not make me “far right.”  It simply makes me, “right.”

So-called Libyan Rebels Pose with Hillary Clinton in 2011

And so while we are again on the subject of Trump’s Syria pullout, let’s take that truth a little further.  Let’s ask what made Obama and Hillary believe they could get away with taking down the Assad regime in Syria using radical Islamic mercenaries?  I mean, that’s sort of a novel approach, isn’t it? Well, no, its not.  That same dynamic duo had just successfully executed an identical plan in taking down the Qaddafi regime in Libya.  Certainly you remember the daily doses of mainstream “news” concerning the so-called “Libyan rebels” and the civil war in Libya in 2011.  Just who were those “Libyan rebels” anyway?  Friends, they were the same operatives as the “Syrian rebels.”  They were Islamic mercenaries paid using your tax dollars and likely various dark financing programs, with the approval of Barack and Hillary.  Remember Obama asking NATO for official “permission” to support the rebels with cruise missiles?  Remember the narrative that Obama was reticent to get involved in Libya, but felt like he had to because Qaddafi was “murdering his own people?”  Remember the press reporting that Obama was “leading from behind,” ostensibly forced to intervene because Qaddafi had suddenly lost his mind committing genocide?  That was the same storyline used against Assad in Syria, wasn’t it?  You willingly accepted it once, so they used it again.

Al Qaeda (Libyan Rebels) in Route to Tripoli on 2011

And while we’re at it, what was Ambassador Stevens doing in Benghazi when Al Qaeda mercenaries murdered him along with three brave servicemen?  Stevens was collecting weapons used to take down Qaddafi and shipping them to Turkey to do the same with Assad.  Apparently, Al Qaeda doesn’t like giving up its weapons.

But why did Obama and Hillary decide Qaddafi had to go?  The answer is always the same, money and resources.  Africa is the richest continent on earth, with easily accessible natural resources.  US forces have been fighting and dying across the belt of Africa protecting the private extraction of its valuable resources for years.  But Moammar Qaddafi, President of the African Union, had recently announced a new, gold-backed African currency.  Essentially, to continue extracting African resources the West would no longer be able to print dollars out of the air to pay the cost.  The extractors would need gold.  So Qaddafi had to go.  And that assignment fell to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  You may remember an interview in which Hillary laughingly declared of Qaddafi, “We came, we saw, he died.”  Qaddafi was murdered by Al Qaeda mercenaries hired by those two and others to take him out.  Next, you should be asking yourself, how did Obama have Al Qaeda’s phone number?


  1. Great Article- This stuff is hard to understand most often especially to many, this is why they just believe everything they read or what the Government tells them. I was one of those people, because I believed "why would they lie? their on our side." Truth is they are on "Their side." Thank you for simplifying and to facts. I hope everyone reads this and feels like me after word! Great Job!!


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